Animal procurement in the Middle Neolithic of the Yangtze River Basin

Start: Jan 16, 2014 05:30 PM

Location: Room 209, Institute of Archaeology

Neolithic fish remains from Tianluoshan

Zhang Ying (UCL) will give the next International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology (ICCHA) China Night Lecture of 2013-14 at the Institute on 16 January.

Miss Ying will give a lecture entitled 'Animal procurement in the Middle Neolithic of the Yangtze River Basin: Integrating the fish remains into a case-study from Tianluoshan' and all are welcome.

The Tianluoshan Site near Hangzhou Bay was discovered and excavated initially in 2004, and several subsequent field seasons have taken place. In terms of material culture and chronology, Tianluoshan is essentially identical to the nearby type site of Hemudu (ca. 5000 – 4000 BC), which was excavated in the 1970s and has been described as one of the earliest origin of ‘rice agriculture’.

The remarkable waterlogged preservation at Tianluoshan has revealed very rich materials for zooarchaeological study. A large amount of faunal remains has been retrieved since 2004, including a diverse range of mammals, fish, birds and reptiles. This study aims at investigating the subsistence economy of the Hemudu Culture through the faunal remains from Tianluoshan, and attempts to integrate zooarchaeology with study of archaeobotany for a broader view.

Miss Zhang Ying gained her archaeological training as an undergraduate and MA student at Peking University, China. She is now in the final stages of her PhD at UCL and this talk highlights her research.

The lecture will be followed by a wine reception in the Institute's Staff Common Room (Room 609).

Any enquiries about the event may be directed to the ICCHA Administrator.

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