Institute welcomes new postdoctoral researchers

11 July 2013

UCL Institute of Archaeology (Image courtesy of Lisa Daniel)

Welcome to new postdoctoral researchers Noriyuki Shirai and Chris Stevens who joined the Institute recently. 

Noriyuki Shirai, a Marie Curie Visiting Research Fellow, funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation M4HUMAN programme, will undertake research at the Institute on the beginnings of agriculture in Egypt in the 6th-5th millennia BC.  His project will explore, using a cultural evolutionary approach, the diffusion of agriculture and how the change of lifestyle is reflected in material culture.

Chris Stevens (alumnus and formerly Honorary Research Associate), returns to the Institute as the first of three postdoctoral research associates on the ERC-funded 5-year ComPAg project led by Dorian Fuller.  The planned research programme will pursue cutting edge research to produce a new critical understanding of early agricultural transformations.

The project will explore pathways to agriculture by producing the first global comparative synthesis of the convergent evolution of domesticated plants and early agricultural systems based primarily on empirical archaeobotanical data. Chris will undertake archaeobotanical research on plant macro-remains with a focus on eastern Asia and comparisons across Eurasia.

The UCL Institute of Archaeology is one of the very few places in the world that is actively pursuing research on a truly global scale and has an outstanding record training doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

A very warm welcome (and welcome back!) to them both.