First farming from China to Southeast Asia

2 July 2013

First farming from China to Southeast Asia

Dorian Fuller's world-leading research on the development of agriculture is being presented this week at a public event in China.

Dorian has been invited to give a public lecture entitled 'First farming from China to Southeast Asia: Guangdong's place in the origins of agriculture' at the Guangdong Province Museum, in Guangzhou city on 4 July.

The invitation formally recognises the beginning of Dorian's new ERC-funded research project on Comparative Pathways to Agriculture and the continuation of his ground-breaking research on the evolution of rice agriculture with the recent award of another large NERC research grant.

The public event, which will be reported by local media, aims to cement collaboration in the field of archaeobotany and develop further ties with the International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology, of which Dorian is Executive Director (UK).

Dorian has also been invited to give a lecture at the Yunnan Province Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology on 8 July entitled 'At the crossroads of Asian agriculture: Yunnan and the comparative study of pathways to agriculture in China and tropical Asia.'

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