Massive stones, earthquakes, and Medieval hermits

Start: Jun 20, 2013 04:00 PM

Location: Room 612, Institute of Archaeology

Water colour published in 1906 showing Menga as a dwelling: Unknown Source

Leonardo García Sanjuán (Universidad de Sevilla) will give a seminar sponsored by the Archaeological Sciences Section and Narnia project at the Institute on 20 June.  

Dr García Sanjuán's lecture is entitled 'Massive stones, earthquakes, and Medieval hermits: exploring the biography of Menga, the largest megalithic monument of Iberia' and all are welcome!


Menga (Antequera, Málaga, Spain) is perhaps the most remarkable megalithic monument of Iberia. As such, it also has an outstanding biography, dating back to the early part of the 4th millennium BC and spanning all prehistoric and historic periods since then.

In this talk Dr García Sanjuán will provide the first review of the evidence available to understand Menga’s journey through time, discussing issues such as the chronology of the building of the monument, its possible connection to other local dynamics and events (including a devastating earthquake), its frequentation and use throughout Late Prehistory as well as its use a burial ground in Roman and Medieval times.

Any enquiries about the event may be directed to Marcos Martinón-Torres.