Institute project to feature on BBC's Ice Age Giants

24 May 2013

BBC2's new series 'Ice Age Giants' with Prof Alice Roberts

Research from the UCL Institute of Archaeology is to feature on the new BBC2 series Ice Age Giants presented by Alice Roberts.  

The programme, which airs this Sunday at 8pm on BBC2, will feature the Neanderthal cave site of La Cotte de St Brelade on the Island of Jersey and consider how Neanderthal survived in the extreme environments of north west Europe. 

In the programme the Institute's Matt Pope talks Professor Roberts through stone tools and hunting strategies used by Neanderthals at the site, including the possibility the hunters drove mammoths off the granite cliffs. 

The project on Jersey is part of a wider inter-institution field and analysis programme coordinated by Dr Pope. With colleagues from Southampton University, the British Museum, Manchester University and Trinity St Davids, the Ice Age Occupation of the island is being studied during a six year programme of research.

Next month Matt shares the stage with Prof Alice Roberts and Dr Helen Czerski at the Times Cheltenham Science Festival talking about the Ice Age and responding to the public interest in this key period of human and planetary development.