Institute welcomes new ERC-funded researchers

15 February 2013

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Welcome to new ERC-funded researchers Enrico Crema, David Orton and Adrian Timpson who joined the Institute's staff recently. 

Enrico and Adrian are working on the EUROEVOL project, led by Stephen Shennan, which is applying cultural evolutionary approaches to the study of prehistory in the investigation of the role of farming in the transformation of early European societies.  They are specifically responsible for managing the database and GIS aspects of the project as well as carrying out more complex analytical procedures, including spatial and phylogenetic analyses and modelling.

David is working on the EUROFARM project, led by Marc Vander Linden, which is concerned with the introduction of farming and associated technologies in Europe, with a focus on the western Balkans (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro). David will specifically undertake the study of faunal assemblages and the identification of farming practices.

A very warm welcome to them all!

The UCL Institute of Archaeology is one of the very few places in the world that is actively pursuing research on a truly global scale and has an outstanding record training doctoral and postdoctoral researchers as well as receiving major research grant funding.

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