Museums, Collecting, Agency Symposium

4 April 2014

Sean Mallon (Curator Pacific Cultures, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa) at the Museums, Collecting, Agency conference, Australian Museum, Sydney, April 2, 2014

Rodney Harrison and colleagues came together at the Australian Museum in Sydney this week for the final conference of the Australian Research Council funded international collaborative research project Museum, Field, Metropolis, Colony.

The "Museums, Collecting, Agency" symposium explored questions of agency as they relate to museum and museum-like practices of collecting, particularly in connection with histories of colonialism and their legacies. In this it has contributed to lively engagements within museum scholarship on the role of objects and colonialism.

Advancing these discussions, Indigenous and non-indigenous scholars from Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific, US, UK and Lisbon came together to consider the question of agency and its implications for understanding ethnographic museum collections and collecting practices.