New directions in archaeological textile research

6 March 2014

Archaeological textile research

The ERC-funded PROCON project will host a workshop examining new directions in archaeological textile research at the University of Cambridge next week.

The PROCON project aims to explore the role of textile production and consumption in the formation of early states, using the example of the Mediterranean Europe. The project will test the hypothesis that textile production and consumption was a significant driving force of the economy and of the creation and perception of wealth in Mediterranean Europe during the period of urbanisation and early urbanism in 1000-500 BCE.

The workshop, which will take place on 11 March from 2.15-5pm at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, will highlight current research developments in this subject area, including the PROCON project, as well as case studies from particular geographical areas.

Any enquiries about the event or the PROCON project may be directed to Margarita Gleba / Susanna Harris.