Micromuseology: Researching small, independent, single-subject museums

Start: Nov 21, 2012 05:00 PM

Location: Room 412, Institute of Archaeology

Micromuseology: Researching small, independent, single-subject museums

The seventh seminar in the series on 'New Approaches to the Past: Methodological Innovations in Heritage Research' organised by the Heritage Studies Section and Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture Studies will take place at the Institute on 21 November.

Fiona Candlin (Birkbeck) will give a seminar entitled 'Micromuseology: Researching small, independent, single-subject museums' and all are welcome.


Unlike their national and municipal counterparts, small independent single-subject museums – micromuseums – receive little or no public funding. They rarely own valuable objects, are located in ad-hoc buildings, and do not conserve or secure their collections. Described as ‘mad’ in popular literature and ignored or exhorted to improve by professionals, my research asks how museology would be challenged, refined, or expanded if Southport Lawnmower Museum or the Museum of Bakelite were afforded serious academic attention.

This paper explores some of the practical and conceptual difficulties of putting that project into action.