AHRC-funded Serbian research in the media

13 July 2012

Press conference in Belgrade (July 2012) to mark launch of AHRC-funded Serbian research project. Clockwise: Miljana Radivojevic, Thilo Rehren, HE Michael Davenport (UK Ambassador to Serbia), Predrag Markovic (minister of culture), Stephen Shennan, Tatjana Cvjeticanin (director of the National Museum in Belgrade), Mrs Karen Marshall (culture and communications, German Embassy).

The Institute's collaborative AHRC-funded research project on the rise of metallurgy in Eurasia led by Thilo Rehren has featured in the media this week.

The AHRC award of just over £500,000 will fund a three-year collaborative research project on the evolution, organisation and consumption of early metal in the Balkans. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed this week in Belgrade between the UCL Institute of Archaeology and three Serbian museums in Belgrade, Toplica and Priboj for research at the sites of Belovode, Plocnik and Jarmovac where the earliest traces of metallurgy in Europe have been discovered.

The ceremony was followed by a press conference attended by the UK Ambassador to Serbia, HE Michael Davenport, Karen Marshall (Culture and Media, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany), Serbian Minister of Culture Predrag Markovic with Stephen Shennan, Thilo Rehren and Miljana Radivojević (UCL), Ben Roberts (University of Durham), Ernst Pernicka (Centre for Archaeometry, Mannheim), Tatjana Cvjetićanin (Director, National Museum, Belgrade), Dusko Sljivar (National Museum, Belgrade), Julka Kuzmanović-Cvetković (Director, Museum of Toplica) and Savo Derikonjić (Director, Homeland Museum of Priboj).

Ben Roberts (University of Durham) and Miljana Radivojevic (UCL) opening the project meeting in Belgrade, July 2012

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Further information about the launch of the collaborative research project:

Signing teh Memorandum of Understanding between the UCL Institute of Archaeology and Serbian museums. Clockwise: Savo Derikonjic (director, Homeland Museum in Priboj), Stephen Shennan, Thilo Rehren, Tatjana Cvjetićanin (director National Museum in Belgrade), Julka Kuzmanović-Cvetković (director, Museum in Toplica).

Miljana Radivojević, who recently completed her PhD research at the Institute on metal production in the Vinča culture, is welcomed as the new postdoctoral research associate on the AHRC-funded research project.

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