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5 January 2012

Institute of Archaeology 75th anniversary in 2012

The Institute's 75th anniversary celebrations being held throughout 2012 are being launched with the first event at the Institute on 9 January.

Cyprian Broodbank will give the first in the series of 75th Anniversary Inaugural Lectures on 'The Making of the Middle Sea: How the Mediterranean came into being'.

The series of Inaugural Lectures by recently-appointed Professors at the Institute of Archaeology, which open the anniversary celebrations, will focus on a series of themes that have been central to the development of the Institute or in which the Institute has taken a world-leading role.

The Institute's Annual Lecture, inaugurated as the Institute of Archaeology 75th Anniversary Lecture in 2012, will be given by Daniel Lord Smail (Harvard University) at UCL on 19 January 2012 entitled "History and the Pre: Perspectives on the Structure of Deep Historical Arguments".

Institute of Archaeology building, 2010

The 75th Anniversary Debates, a series of 'Question Time' style events will then take place at the Institute in February-March 2012.  Further details of these events will be available shortly.

Information regarding all anniversary activities and events will be made available on the Institute's dedicated 75th anniversary webpages.

It is hoped that the entire Institute of Archaeology community, current and former staff and students, will come together to celebrate the Institute's achievements throughout this year.  Preparations may also be followed on Facebook and Twitter and alumni are invited to contact Charlotte Frearson to be added to the Institute of Archaeology Alumni mailing list and/or the Institute's Facebook group.

View the UCL Flickr Gallery of images to commemorate the Institute's 75th anniversary

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