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Welcome to Boneview

This site is designed to be of use primarily to students of zooarchaeology studying the subject for the first time. Although the project is now fully functioning, it is my intent to, at some point in the near future, pad out the content in several of the modules, as well as implementing interactive quizzes in the remainder of them.

This site contains interactive content, detailing the skeletal forms of Bos (Cow,) Sus (Pig,) Ovis/Capra (Sheep/Goat,) Canis (Dog) and Equus (Horse.) It also contains sections on dental development and ageing, bone modification (weathering, burning, gnawing and butchery,) bone fusion (epiphysial and horn) and palaeopathology (trauma and osteoarthritis.) These modules are intended to be learning-oriented, using interactive content to aid the learning process. The site is intended to be accessible on a machine of very low specifications, with as few non-standard plugins as possible.

This site works best with Firefox, which is available for free from here.

If you would like to order a CD of the material, please email me at - the total cost, including postage and packaging, is £3.00.

Project compiled by Andy May.



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