New books

new books

New books and journals are purchased for the Institute Library throughout the year. Monthly accessions lists of all items are available through the Ancient World Studies/Archaeology blog. New accessions (including new e-resources) for UCL Library Services in general can be viewed on a subject-by-subject basis through our subject blogs or as a complete listing through the new accessions section of the UCL Library Services' web site.

New books are displayed in a separate book shelf within the Institute Library, located opposite the Issue Desk, and designated individually on the library catalogue. E.g:

Amore, Maria Grazia.:  The complex of Tumuli 9, 10 and 11 in the Necropolis of Apollonia (Albania) / Maria Grazia Amore ; special studies by V. Dimo, L. Bejko, and L. Schepartz ; with contributions by S. Aliu ... [et al.]..
Oxford : Archaeopress, 2010.
BAR international series ; v. 2059.

Item Status Due date Due hour Library site Classmark (shelf location) Collection Barcode
New books shelf New books shelf   Archaeology INST ARCH DARA Qto AMO   2810551811

Requests for the purchase of new books and journals may be submitted to the subject librarian through the 'suggest a purchase' link on the library catalogue or by emailing the subject librarian, Robert Kirby, directly (r.kirby@ucl.ac.uk). Purchase of these items is subject to the conditions of our collection management policies for Archaeology, Classical Archaeology and Egyptology.  

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