The Institute of Archaeology collection is arranged according to its own classification scheme and has the designated classmark of INST ARCH. E.g.:

Trigger, Bruce G.:  A history of archaeological thought / Bruce G. Trigger.
2nd ed.. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006.

Item Status Due date Due hour Library site Classmark (shelf location) Collection Barcode
1 week Available   Archaeology INST ARCH AG TRI   2809306756

INST ARCH books are divided into quartos and a main sequence. The main sequence is located at the end of the quartos and runs along the back of the reading room and into the two side rooms. It then continues on the left-hand side of the stacks.

The INST ARCH classification scheme is divided into a number of main classes, which reflect the thematic and geographical arrangement of the scheme. The scheme begins with class A: general sections on the theory, method and practice of the discipline of Archaeology.

INST ARCH AE - AF: Collected works    and reference works

INST ARCH AG: Cultural heritage management and the history of the discipline

INST ARCH AH: Archaeological theory in all its aspects

INST ARCH AJ: Archaeological data

INST ARCH AK: Use of mathematics, statistics and computing in archaeology

INST ARCH AL: Archaeological techniques (includes field archaeology and excavation techniques)


INST ARCH AM: Industrial archaeology

INST ARCH AN: Underwater archaeology (includes marine archaeology)

INST ARCH AP: Cartography

INST ARCH AQ: Teaching of archaeology

INST ARCH AR: Archaeology and the media

INST ARCH AS: Popular and alternative archaeologies


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