Study spaces in the Library

The Institute Library offers a range of diverse study spaces for browsing, quiet individual study and group work. The library is divided into two separate zones by a sound-proof screen, allowing for quiet study in the main reading room and stacks and browsing, membership and general library transactions and enquiries at the entrance and issue desk.

Informal seating and browsing

Easy chairs at the front of the library allow visitors and students to sit comfortably while filling in forms and looking over paperwork close to the library entrance.

Book displays,  computer catalogues and information on facilities and materials are available for browsing in the area of the issue desk.

Quiet Study

There are 63 seats available for quiet individual study in the Institute Library.

1. Main Reading Room

18 carousel (booth style) seats

6 window bench seats

2. Side rooms

19 table seats in total 

view view
3. Stacks area

20 window bench seats

All seats are equipped with plugs for laptops and College's wireless network (Eduroam) is accessible from all seating areas. European plug adaptors are available from the Issue Desk on request.


Group study facilities: the Kenyon Group Study Room

A group study room - the Kenyon Group Study Room - is available to the left of the main reading room. This room seats 8 and has full AV and computing facilities. The room can be booked online through the library catalogue. Other group study facilities are available in the Science (DMS Watson) Library and Foster Court.

Other Learning Spaces

UCL offers a new range of learning spaces external to our libraries, including the Graduate Common Room, the Research Grid, JBR (Jeremy Bentham Room), Cloisters and the Anatomy Hub. A social study space is also available on the second floor of the UCL Union Building, 25 Gordon Street. 

Please be aware that...

Eating and drinking (bottled water excepted) is not allowed in the Institute Library, nor is the use of mobile phones. These regulations vary across UCL Library Services and eating is now permitted in some libraries, where less fragile and valuable materials are held. Please see the UCL Library Services web site for details. 

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