Ceramic Petrography Analytical Service

Micrographs of archaeological ceramics
  • Professional thin section petrographic and geochemical analysis of archaeological pottery, CBM, metallurgical ceramics, building stone, plaster and lithics, for the interpretation of provenance and craft technology.
  • Prehistoric, Roman, Medieval, Post-Med and industrial artefacts analysed from UK and further afield.
  • Geologically trained with 15 years experience in archaeological petrography.
  • Analysis on single artefacts or larger projects as needed.
  • Services include thin section preparation, petrographic analysis, microphotography and full interpretation.

Recent Projects

  • Petrographic and SEM-EDS Analysis of Early Steel-Making Crucibles from Derwentcote Forge, County Durham, England (2013/81)
  • Petrographic Analysis of Lithic Artefacts from Clifton, Nottingham (2013/80)
  • Petrographic Analysis of Iron Age Ceramics from Clifton, Nottingham (2013/79)
  • Petrographic Analysis of Medieval Ceramics from Lalibela, Ethiopia (2013/78)
  • Petrographic Analysis of Ceramic Core Material of Bronze Birds from the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of China, Xi’an (2013/77)
  • Petrographic and SEM-EDS Analysis of Historic Plaster from Radwani House, Doha, Qatar (2013/76)
  • Petrographic Analysis of Middle Bronze Age Ceramics from Sproughton, Ipswich, UK (2013/75)
  • Petrographic Analysis of Prehistoric Ceramics from Stainton West, Carlisle, England (2013/74)
  • Petrographic and SEM-EDS Analysis of Huntsman Steel-Making Crucibles from Tenter Street, Sheffield, England (2013/73)


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