Archaeology South-East


Photo Competition for Institute of Archaeology affiliates launched!

21 June 2022

A photo competition has been launched today as part of The Council for British Archaeology's Festival of Archaeology, 2022.

Poster for the Photo Competition. All information can be found within the text.

On excavation in Kazhakstan, walking from the village to the site in the morning, we are passed by 'The Mystery Machine' carrying our tools. We often chose to walk the 30 minutes rather than drive along the bumpy track at considerable speed! Credit: Emily Johnson

This photo competition is open to Institute of Archaeology staff, students and alumni, including those working within the Centre for Applied Archaeology and Archaeology South-East.

Entrants are encouraged to submit a photo that in some way captures an 'archaeological journey', in keeping with the Festival's theme of Journeys. “A Journey encompasses many aspects of archaeology and heritage from travelling to progression, and during this year’s Festival we want to help people discover new journeys and share their own, whether it be physical or psychological, tangible and/or intangible heritage”. See more information on the festival website.

To enter the competition find out more information here: Festival of Archaeology 2022.