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New podcast from Archaeology South-East - ASE Digs Deeper!

10 July 2020

Today marks the launch of Archaeology South-East’s new podcast, in which we’ll be taking you to the heart of development-led archaeology in the UK.

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The latest podcast to come out of UCL's Institute for Archaeology launched today - Archaeology South-East Digs Deeper! Listen to our first episode now, where we talk to Stephen White about the discovery of the Red Lion Playhouse.

In each episode, your host Dr Emily Johnson welcomes members of our archaeological team to discuss a new archaeological discovery, talk about their day-to-day roles, demystify the archaeological process or tackle issues affecting our sector.

Our first 4 episodes will come out on Friday each week, and monthly after that. Find all the episodes on our Soundcloud or go to our Podcast page to find out more!

And while you're at it, give the Parkaeology podcast a listen to hear more stories from UCL's Institute of Archaeology!