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Castle Pinckney 2019: In Pictures

15 November 2019

Now the first information is starting to come back from our summer excavations at Castle Pinckney, South Carolina it seems like the perfect opportunity to look back on some of the photos from the dig!

Cotesworth (a cuddly toy pelican) and a real pelican

Did you see some pictures from the Castle Pinckney dig on the Society for Postmedieval Archaeology's Facebook page? Check out their post for these first nuggets of archaeological information from the site, and read on to see what life was like for the ASE archaeologists and UCL archaeology students on excavation over the summer.

As Pinckney Castle is situated on an island, the excavation involved one of the more interesting morning commutes!

Archaeologists take the boat to site as part of their morning commute

We’re also used to there being lots of local interest on our UK sites, but at Castle Pinckney the locals were a little different – pelicans! These large birds often kept our archaeologists company and inspired the Castle Pinckney site mascot, Cotesworth.

Cotesworth (a cuddly toy pelican) in the foreground meeting a real pelican

The site was really interesting to excavate, and we’re expecting some fascinating results in the future like those in the SMPA Facebook post, all down to the hard work of the archaeologists and students. They certainly deserved to relax in the shade on their tea break!

Archaeologists pause for a tea break

You may have seen from some of our other posts on Castle Pinckney that our UCL Institute of Archaeology students weren’t just digging. They also had the opportunity to visit archaeological sites and museums, and here they are listening to a lecture.

Archaeologists having a lecture. Alternative title: Live, Laugh, Love, Lighthouse

Of course, our archaeologists are long returned from across the pond but are still hard at work studying the discoveries from this year’s field season. Keep up-to-date with all things Castle Pinckney by following #CastlePinckney2019 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.