Doctoral Training Centre (DTC): ESRC 1+3 and +3 Awards

UK/EU Students

Overseas students via the AQM route only.

Deadline: Monday 1st February 2016

The Department of Anthropology invites applications for ESRC (Economics and Social Science Research Council) studentships covering the full costs of a degree programme in Anthropology leading to the award of MPhil/PhD. These awards are being made by the ESRC through the Doctoral Training Centre at UCL.

The funding will cover fees, standard maintenance and a London allowance where students meet the ESRC UK requirements. EU students who are non-UK residents are eligible for a FEES ONLY studentship.

Specific awards are made for students proposing to undertake anthropological research involving advanced quantitative methods (AQM) and these awards are also OPEN TO OVERSEAS STUDENTS. Further details on AQM can be found at ESRC Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) webpage.

Two types of award are on offer:

1+3 awards (whereby applicants have an undergraduate degree or will hold one by June 2016)


+3 awards (whereby applicants have a Masters degree or will have been awarded one by September 2016)

Eligibility for receipt of an award can be ascertained at ESRC website. Proposed research should fall within the thematic remit and area covered by the ESRC.

Applicants who do not hold a UK Masters degree (or equivalent) and/or not presently enrolled on one should apply for a “1+3” grant. Successful applicants will initially be expected to register for the degree of MRes in Anthropology. During the first year (the “1” of the “1+3”), the applicant will pursue a course of study leading - where successful - to the award of an MRes, details of which can be found on MRes Anthropology webpage. Upon successful completion of the MRes, students move onto the MPhil/PhD programme with the additional 3 years funding.

Applicants already holding a UK Masters degree or its equivalent, should apply for a +3 grant (3 years funding)

The successful applicant will normally have obtained a First Class undergraduate degree from a UK university (or its equivalent) or be predicted to obtain a First Class degree. Where a Masters degree has been taken, the successful candidate will also normally be in possession of a Distinction (or its equivalent) or be predicted to gain one.

All applicants must complete the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre application form, and return to Chris Russell by email (christopher.russell@ucl.ac.uk). Your application MUST be signed by your prospective supervisor and it is YOUR responsibility to ensure this has been obtained.

All applicants must have applied for a place on the either the MRes or MPhil/PhD Anthropology programme and ideally be holding an offer. Applications can be made online via UCL's Graduate Application System but it is strongly advised that you contact potential supervisors and submit a research proposal first.

Successful students will be notified and then put forward for nomination by the DTC Steering Committee in March. If you have not heard back from us by Friday 19th February 2016 then your application has been unsuccessful. 

Deadline: Monday 1st February 2016