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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Vaccines in View: Social Science Perspectives on COVID-19 Vaccinations

Incorporating pandemic public health, social inequalities, geopolitics, conspiracies and beyond, COVID-19 vaccines find themselves at the centre of the most significant debates of our time. As anthropologists and social scientists we have important voices that need to be heard on this matter, and are once again placed in the unique position of watching noteworthy global events unfold before our eyes.



For many, home is seen as a place you come back to, retreat, relax, decompress. How does this relationship change when our homes become our whole world?

Due to the shelter in place orders as result of the COVID-19 outbreak, our homes have become much more: offices, gyms, classrooms, studios, bars. Windowsills become desks and wine bottles become dumbbells. As our spaces shift, so does our relationship to them.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Consciously (Re)Quarantined

As nations across Europe find the inevitable domino of new national lockdowns knocking into them, we may all approach ‘this time’ differently from the last. During the interim a lot has happened to reconfigure our realities, both politically and pandemically: Black Lives Matter, the US elections, the French terrorist attacks…sparks are flying, and we all know the virus a little better. What have we learned since the previous lockdown? What did quarantine teach us? What might we do differently this time?

Bioethical and Biopolitical Considerations Concerning Racism and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Chile


Given the great shockwaves caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which in recent months has shaken the whole world, there is cause to suspect that this may have led to the perceptual error that

the pandemic is exclusively a health-related issue. Given that this perceptual error is not insignificant, it must be addressed reflectively and critically.