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“Remodelling a medical brain: Thinking Anthropologically”…

Paulina Pérez-Duarte Mendiola

MSc Medical Anthropology & Pediatrician

DR KELEKIAN: This treatment is the strongest thing we have to offer you. And, as research, it will make a significant contribution to our knowledge.

VIVIAN: Knowledge, yes.

W;t A Play by Margaret Edson

“Promoting Social Embeddedness of New Biotechnologies”

Rebecca Irons

Attendance to the public’s engagement with, and acceptance of, biotechnologies is undoubtedly an important issue to breech for ‘scientists’, STS scholars, and anthropologists alike. However, this still remains only an emergent topic of discussion in China – an omission that the Newton Fund workshop “Promoting Social Embeddedness of New Biotechnologies”, held in October 2019 in Beijing – hoped to address.