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The Sleeping Bull in a China Shop

Exploring how Covid19 elucidates exploitation along the crosshairs of the occident vs the orient, and class stratification, in a neo-liberal age.


Privilege In The Times Of Crisis: Musings Of A Field Epidemiology Trainee In India


COVID-19 has invaded our lives physically and psychologically. For someone working in the health sector, and a field epidemiology trainee, the first week of COVID-19  went by in a whirlwind for me. Our contact session for the India FETP(Field Epidemiology Training Programme) got suspended and we were  posted into field work to be part of the surveillance team for our states. Amidst all of this overwhelming work and deadlines, I have decided to take pause and reflect before I run off again.

Hinduism & Coronavirus: How The Digital Becomes Sacred


The coronavirus has led to seismic and widespread changes across all nodes of society, not least, religion. In a recent article in The New York Times, Vivian Yee writes, “Religion is the solace of first resort for billions of people grappling with a pandemic for which scientists, presidents and the secular world seem, so far, to have few answers. With both sanitizer and leadership in short supply, dread over the coronavirus has driven the globe’s faithful even closer to religion and ritual.”[1]

2009 Mexico Swine Flu – 2020 Italy Covid19: How I Experienced A Double Quarantine


In this article, I will briefly describe my experiences during the two pandemics, swine flu and COVID-19,          when I accidentally lived through quarantine in the most affected countries: Mexico in 2009 and Rome, Italy.

When in 2008 I decided to go to Mexico to undertake fieldwork for my doctoral thesis, I could never have imagined that in 2009, I would experience my first quarantine, but above all, never in my life would I have imagined  I’d be living a second quarantine some years later!

Italy’s Hidden Epidemic: The Shadow of the Mafia over Post-Emergency Europe


On 4th April, more than two months after the declaration of the state of emergency and almost one month after the start of the quarantine throughout the national territory, comforting news began to arrive in Italy. The epidemiological curve has now stabilised, a new hospital specialising entirely in the treatment of critical coronavirus patients is ready, and there is a significant drop in patient admissions to intensive care units.