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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials for the Documentary Short Courses at Open City Docs School

Mariko Kitada - Summer Film School

“I’ve truly enjoyed this summer course. It was a great challenge that forced me to create something in a limited amount of time and learn by doing rather than sitting in class. I loved meeting and working with classmates that came from such diverse backgrounds in terms of their nationality and age. It was truly eye-opening to witness how diverse minds work and hear what everyone had to say about one film from completely different perspectives. We have quickly created an environment that felt very safe and supportive where I felt comfortable sharing my opinions, my work and things that were personal to me. And this whole experience was definitely worth coming all the way from Japan!”

Lara Bullens - Summer Film School

“It was a really enriching experience. I felt so thrilled that within a 6-week period, I managed to develop my approach to documentary filmmaking, learn more about the form at large, get more comfortable with the camera and editing software and come out with a short film I am proud of. It truly felt like a small master’s degree! As someone with little previous experience hoping to enter the industry from journalism, it was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence.”

Regine Brandtner - Summer Film School

“If I learned one thing then that it is a long way from a topic to an engaging film – the tutors provide you with everything you need to take on this challenge, and to create your best possible film and experience!“

Course participant - Summer Film School

“This course is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was an immersive, challenging and enlivening experience. Katharine encouraged (and pushed!) me to make a film I never imagined I’d have either the technical skills or courage to make. The deeply personal process of making it – and watching the heartfelt films my peers made – gave me a new perspective on filmmaking and on life itself. If it’s not already obvious, I can’t recommend this course highly enough.”

Anthony Barlos - Summer Film School

“The UCL Summer School helped me understand in depth how documentaries are made and think like a documentary filmmaker. The course was really great, the teaching was outstanding and the friendships I made long lasting. This six-weeks program felt like a mini MA in documentary filmmaking. I gained lots of confidence, it kick-started my freelance career and now I’m collaborating on a short documentary with a fellow student that I met in the course. I cannot recommend this program highly enough as it’s a life changing experience.“

Helen Waddell - Summer Film School

“The course was a fantastic experience. There are few courses out there which dedicate this much time to preparing you technically but with also understanding how to consider narrative and character development. Each lesson we were set tasks to build up our technical skills and approach to filmmaking. We had to get stuck in straight away and it was the best way to learn. The course gives you a rounded experience, it prepares you in production, filming, sound, editing – each skill makes you better at the other. Katharine and her guest tutors were encouraging and really cared about helping you develop and gain confidence.”

Andrew Brown - Summer Film School

“The Summer School was genuinely transformational: as a very ‘thinky’ person it allowed me to express a more intuitive, artistic side of myself; it gave the know-how to be able to independently make my own short films; and it has led me to seriously consider pursuing documentary film-making on a longer term basis.”

Sharmin Ahammad - Summer Film School

“UCL Summer School was a fantastic way of learning the skills of filmmaking and editing. You learn from incredibly inspiring, insightful and talented filmmakers and editors. I came away from the course with an enthusiasm and love for making films and equipped with the skills to do so.”

Sarah Saey - Practical Documentary Filmmaking

“Great introductory course that didn't seem too basic. While the course started from the basics the tutors didn't pitch it too low but instead really challenged us. Great value for money compared to other similar course.”

Ellen Wiles - Making Radio

“This was a brilliant introductory course to radio documentary making – informative, practical and inspiring. I’d highly recommend it.”