Anthropology of Christianity Reading Group

(Held at LSE, contact K.C.Fletcher@lse.ac.uk for more information)

This reading group has been running several years, first at LSE, then at UCL, but draws a number of participants from across London universities as well as some further afield. The group is open to anyone, and is quite relaxed. Readings are selected which address anthropological or other social scientific ethnography and/or theory concerning the wide variety of phenomena called 'Christianity'. Many in the group are actively involved in research projects on or about Christianity, and at times we may read one of our own working papers in a more seminar-like setting. Because of the breadth of interest and research experience of existing members, we read quite widely, addressing western and eastern, creedal and non-creedal, historical and contemporary Christian groups. As such, there is a strong tradition of cross-regional comparison within the group. Some form of Christianity has made itself present in almost every area of the world, and it is quite often a powerful influence in local society. This reading group tries to understand some of the commonalities between various local Christianities, and through comparison understand the various ways Christianity impacts and is impacted by other socio-cultural factors.

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