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The Art of the Political

(Run by Vita Peacock and David Jeevendrampillai)

FIRST MEETING: Thursday 3rd October, 4.00-5.30pm, Room 129

This RRG brings together all of those thinking or working at the interface between art and political expression, taking a broad definition of both. The art of the political can mean a technology, a craft, a way of being political – through performance, satire or other forms of creative action – as well as art in the conventional sense as representation of the political. Engagement with the political meanwhile does not necessitate a commitment to an explicit politics (although that may also be true) but rather any form of civic claiming or reclaiming of some realm of public life.

We will begin by looking at accounts of creative protest and activism, but later on take a more lateral perspective on this particular theme: with theoretical readings on performance, mimesis and subversion.

Part of this RRG will involve being tuned into this interface as it ramifies throughout London, with sporadic outings to performances and exhibitions staged in the city’s institutional and extra-institutional art scene, which connect to the political in some sense.

This group is open to everyone. Please contact for more information.

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