UCL Anthropology



Members of the EVA cluster run numerous modules.

Undergraduate Modules

Undergraduate topics may include: Methods and Techniques in Biological Anthropology; Introduction to Biological Anthropology; Palaeoanthropology; Evolution and Human Behaviour; Primate Anatomy, Evolution, and Environments; Primate Behaviour and Ecology; Biosocial Approaches to Child Rearing; Modern Human Origins and Cranial Diversity; Human Behavioural Ecology; as well as field-based modules in Spain (Atapuerca and Human Evolution in Europe), Kenya (the Turkana Basin Field School), and Tanzania (Skills in Field Primatology).

Postgraduate Modules

EVA academics teach various modules on the one-year Human Evolution and Behaviour MSc. Topics may include: Palaeoanthropology; Primate Socioecology; Human Behavioural Ecology; Statistics and Quantitative Methods; Advanced Statistics; Evolutionary Medicine; Applied Perspectives in Evolutionary Anthropology; Advanced Human Evolution; Primate Evolution, Primate Conservation, and the field-based module Skills in Field Primatology.