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Language Resources


Learning Hindi in London

Learning Hindi in India: 

Hindi Resources Online: 

Plus many broadcasters, newspapers and magazines are online in Hindi too:


Hindi Resources in London

Mary Ward Centre

I will be conducting fieldwork in the sub-discipline of Material Culture in India from June 2012 - May 2013 and need to improve my command of Hindi in order to communicate and conduct interviews in various parts of Northern India. The type of language course I required was a high level one and was not available at the other universities. The teacher whom I located at the Mary Ward Centre (and whom I would highly recommend) is Mrs. Kamlesh Arora. She has over 24 years of teaching experience and has tailored the course to my anthropological interests and my specific strengths and weaknesses.

Translation, Dictionaries and Resources

Online Language Learning

TVA offers a combination online and by post certificate course in Tamil language administered by university teachers but lesson plans are available for non-students. University-level degree programs in Tamilology are also offered and taught online with Tamilnadu-based examinations. University degrees are awarded by Tamil University, Thanjavur.

Jill Reese

Tamil Preservation and Advocacy Organizations

India-Based Tamil Language Learning Institutions

I highly recommend the IAS for its quality in language teaching and affordability compared to UK and US-based Tamil language programs. Dr. John Samuel, the Director of IAS, designs a language learning program for each student with multiple intensive one-on-one classes each day with himself and at least two other instructors. The IAS staff is knowledgeable, patient and generous with their time, and the IAS library has a sizeable collection of Tamil-language books, rare print publications and ancient palmleaf manuscripts.

Jill Reese

US-Based Tamil Language Learning Institutions

Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre London

They offer free courses of Turkish language and it is located very close from UCL, next to Warren Street Station.

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