UCL Anthropology


Papers by Departmental Academics

Four copyright-free papers written by academics from each section of the Department are provided below.

Biological Anthropology

  • Living Differences: The Paradigm of Animal Cultures (PDF)
  • Pastoralism and Conservation - Who Benefits? (PDF)
  • Brief Communication: Contributions of Enamel-Dentine Junction Shape and Enamel Deposition to Primate Molar Crown Complexity (PDF)

Medical Anthropology

  • Nomads, Refugees and Repatriates: Histories of Mobility and Health Outcomes in Northern Mali (PDF)
  • Clinical Paradigm Clashes: Ethnocentric and Political Barriers to Native American Efforts at Self-Healing (PDF)

Material Culture

  • Coca-Cola: A Black Sweet Drink from Trinidad (PDF)
  • Ways of Enchanting (PDF)
  • Facebook and Community - A Story (PDF)
  • Memory, Melancholy and Materiality (PDF)

Social Anthropology

  • Enlivened Memories: Recalling Absence and Loss in Mongolia (PDF)
  • How does genocide happen? (PDF)
  • The Modern Greek Devil: Cosmology or Rhetoric? (PDF)
  • Why are some people powerful? (PDF)