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Room: 133
Year of start: 2012
Subject: Material Culture

Research Topic

Anthropology of Social Networking Sites in Turkey


Elisabetta Costa’s research interests have focused on the internet, digital anthropology, social media, journalism and media activism in Europe and in the Middle East. As a PhD student at the University of Milano-Bicocca, she has conducted fieldwork in Lebanon, investigating the transformation of the journalistic field in the digital age. Her research explored the transformation of news production and practices among foreign correspondents working in Beirut within the local Lebanese media ecology. She has worked also on Lebanese online journalism and web 2.0 political activism taking place in Beirut, and the way these have impacted international journalism.

She is currently taking part in a research project funded by the ERC on the impact of social media in 7 different countries, under the supervision of Professor Daniel Miller. Within this programme she will carry out the research in Turkey focusing especially on the political consequences of the use of Facebook in a small town in the south east of the country.

Research interests

  • Anthropology of media and digital anthropology
  • Journalism, news and foreign correspondents
  • Web 2.0 platforms, social networking, Facebook
  • Political subjectivities, media activism.
  • Lebanon, Turkey and the Middle-East

Academic Background/Education

2011 PhD University of Milano-Bicocca


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Beasley, C. “Sexual health, sexual education and violence”. (Beasley C. “Salute sessuale, educazione sessuale e violenza” in D. Cherubini and S. Magaraggia (eds), Uomini contro le donne? Le radici della violenza maschile. Torino: Utet) Forthcoming

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Italian Government Scholarship for PhD student (2007-2010)

European Research Council (2012- 2015)

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