UCL Anthropology


Hanzhi (May) Zhang

May Zhang
Email: hanzhi.zhang.13@ucl.ac.uk
Room: 326
Year of start: 2018

PhD Research

Topic: Diversification and Extinction Processes in Cultural Evolution

I am interested in understanding the forces promoting cultural diversity and those driving cultural groups to extinction. I use ethnographic and linguistic data to identify the risk factors of cultural extinction and factors promoting the diversification of ancestral Sino-Tibetan and Trans-Eurasian groups. I also study the demographic processes and life history strategies in endangered cultural groups with a focus on Yakut Evenks.


Prof Ruth Mace

Research Interests

  • Phylogenetic Comparative Methods
  • Geography of Cultural Diversity
  • Cultural Extinction
  • Sino-Tibetan and Trans-Eurasian Population History


  • MSc Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford (2017-2018)
  • BSc Human Sciences, University College London (2013-2016)


UCL Graduate Research Scholarship & Oversea Research Scholarship


Postgraduate Teaching Assistant for UCL Anthropology Course “Human Brain, Cognition, and Language” (2018/19)


Ji, T., Zhang, H., Currie T. E. , Meade, A., Pagel, M., & Mace, R. Female-centred Kinship Appears Recent in Sino-Tibetans (in press)