UCL Anthropology


Gillian Conquest

Gillian Conquest

Email: g.conquest.11@ucl.ac.uk

Room: The Chorley Institute, Pearson Building

Year of start: 2013

Subject: Social Anthropology

Research Topic/ Provisional Dissertation Title

Designs for the Pluriverse? Assembling Power and Knowledge in Extreme Citizen Science


Dr Jerome Lewis


I'm a member of the multi-disciplinary Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS) research group at UCL, which aims to develop digital mapping tools and participatory methods that can enable people with little or no technical, scientific, numeric or textual literacy to identify and respond to environmental and social justice challenges (see www.ucl.ac.uk/excites). As an anthropologist working in and for the group, my research focuses on whether and how digital technologies can be designed to provide an appropriate "third space" for different knowledge traditions to meet and articulate without any one being subjugated to any other. I divide my research time between following the software design and development process in the UK, and tracing the use of that software in projects with local and indigenous communities in the Congo Basin.

Research interests

  • Development anthropology
  • Digital anthropology
  • Community-based/participatory monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) mechanisms
  • Supply chain transparency and natural resource governance
  • Knowledge trails and flows
  • Maps and mapping
  • Design and Human-Computer Interaction

Academic Background/Education

MSc Anthropology, Environment and Development - University College London, 2011-2013 Dissertation title - Dodging Silver Bullets: Opportunities and Challenges for an Extreme Citizen Science approach to forest management in the Republic of the Congo

BA (Hons) Social Anthropology - University of Cambridge, 2003-2006 Dissertation title - Practising Wicca, Neo-Pagan and Goddess spiritualities in Los Angeles

Honours and Awards

2nd place - People category in the EPSRC Science Photo Competition 2014


Stevens, M., Vitos, M., Altenbuchner, J., Conquest, G., Lewis, J., Haklay, M. (2014) Taking Participatory Citizen Science to Extremes. In IEEE Pervasive Computing Apr-Jun 2014.


EPSRC PhD studentship award (through the Challenging Engineering: Extreme Citizen Science grant - 3 year duration)