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Gemma Price

Gemma Price

Tel: +44 20 7679 8627
E-mail: g.e.price@ucl.ac.uk

B.Sc (Hons) Psychology, University of Bath (2006)
M.Sc (Dist.) Human Evolution and Behaviour, University College London (2009)

Ph.D Working Title: Environmental, ecological and phylogenetic correlates of cranial shape variation in strepsirrhine primates

My research focuses on the phylogenetic relationships of primates, specifically strepsirrhines. Investigating if/ how the shape of the cranium is indicative of genetic relationships in extant species; using 3D geometric morphometric analysis. This knowledge can then be extrapolated to help infer relationships within the fossil record. I also examine the effect of geographic location and environmental conditions on the shape of the skull, in the hope of identifying some of the factors which have induced the vast amount of anatomical variation within the primate order.

Other research interests include, primate origins and the reconstruction of palaeoenvironments.

Thesis supervisor: Christophe Soligo
Funding: NERC Studentship