UCL Anthropology


Charlotte Loris-Rodionoff

Email: c.loris-rodionoff.12@ucl.ac.uk
Year of start: 2012
Subject: Social and Cultural Anthropology

Research Topic/Provisional Dissertation Title

Of Revolutionary Transformations: Life in Displacement at the Syrian-Turkish Border


Martin Holbraad
Charles Stewart

Research Interests

  • Anthropology of Middle East and Islam
  • Anthropology of the state and alternative politics
  • Political imagination and political cosmology
  • Anthropology of personhood, kinship and relatedness
  • Decolonisation of thought and practice
  • Contemporary philosophies
  • Critical whiteness

Academic Background/Education

BA Philosophy (Paris 1 la Sorbonne, France)

BA Geography (Paris 1 la Sorbonne, France)

MA Philosophy (Toulouse 2 le Mirail, France - Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany)

MSc Social and Cultural Anthropology (UCL)


2020, “Navigating Ambiguous State Policies And Legal Statuses: Everyday Life And Future-Oriented Decisions Among Syrians In Southern Turkey” in Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, E. Refuge in a Moving World. London: UCL Press.

2017, "Hope, Resilience and Uncertainty: a Day with Displaced Syrians in Southern Turkey", refugeehost 

2017, "Loss in Times of Revolution and Exile", refugeehosts

2017, "Loss and Everyday life at the Syrian-Turkish border", harekact

2017, "Récits de Raqqa la nuit", Vacarme, 79,  pp.58-63, Paris  

2017, "Démocratie rebelle, l'invention des conseils locaux pendant la révolution syrienne", interview with Tareq Matarmawi (and translation), Vacarme 79, pp.48-55, Paris

2017, Translation (from Arabic to French) "Vivre dans Yarmouk assiégé", Vacarme 79, pp. 64-68 

2016, "Loss in Times of Revolution and Exile", allegralab

2015, Review of D. Scott, Omens of Adversity: Tragedy, Time, Memory, Justice (2014, Duke University Press). Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 21 (2).

2014, Review of P. Geschiere, Witchcraft, Intimacy and Trust: Africa in Comparison (2013, University of Chicago Press). Social Anthropology 58(1).

2014, "Being a Spy or a Black Shaman in Southern Siberia: Fieldwork Among the Shors", Anthropolitan 9 (winter 2013/2014).

2013, "Des Métaphysiques Cannibales à la Philosophie Anthropophage: Esquisse d'une Anthropo-Philosophie", master thesis, publised on the website of Europhilosophie, www.europhilosophie.eu/recherche/IMG/pdf/LORIS_Charlotte_Master_2.pdf

2012, "Cannibalisme contre Vampirisme: pour une décolonisation de l'anthropologie occidentale?" (Cannibalism vs. Vampirism: For a Decolonisation of Western Anthropology ?) La Seiche (3), Paris (France).

2011, "Impérialisme linguistique, Impérialisme territorial. De la politique des langues à la politique territoriale en Israël", Interpretationes (4), Toulouse (France).

Selected Seminar, Conference, and Workshop Papers

"Syrien.n.e.s en Révolution et en Exil: Ethnographie à la frontière turco-syrienne", Research Seminar, Department of Arabic Studies, INALCO Paris (March 2017).

"The Syrian Local Councils: Revolutionary Institutions and Politics", Contentious Politics Workshop, LSE (March 2017).

"Being a 'Guest' in Turkey: Everyday life, legal status and future horizons", Departmental Seminar of the Center for Migration and Diaspora Studies,  SOAS (February 2017) 

"Temporal and Spatial Ruptures: an Ethnography of the Syrian Revolution in Displacement", Rupture Workshop, UCL (February 2017)

"Syrians' Everyday in Antep, Dystopian Space and Suspended Time", MireKoc Seminar, Koc University, Istanbul (December 2016)


"Loss of the homeland, loss of the self: exploring the 'outside'", paper to be presented in British Council Researcher Links Workshop, London (September 2016).

"Times and politics of martyrdom and displacement in the aftermath of the Syrian revolution", paper to be presented at ASA conference, Durham University (July 2016).

"In search of a dignified life and a stable future: Syrian refugees navigating state policies in Turkey and Europe", paper presented at Hospitality and Hostility in a Moving World An interdisciplinary conference, University College London, London (may 2016).

"Syrians in Revolution and Exile: An Ethnography of the Everyday life in Antep", SAN seminar, METU (Middle East Technical University), Ankara (March 2016).

"Revolution and Kinship in Syria: Individual Processes and Collective Dynamics", paper presented in Havana University, Department of Philosophy, Havana (September 2015).

"Utopia, Heterotopia, Heterochronia in the Syrian revolution", paper presented in UCL, Department of Anthropology, London (December 2015).

"Egalitarianism and Equity among Syrian refugees and activists in Southern Turkey" paper presented in workshop on Egalitarianism, Department of Anthropology, Bergen (June 2014).

"The Anthropology of Activism: Political Emotions and the Politics of Representation in the Syrian Revolution" paper presented in CUSAS workshop, Department of Anthropology, Cambridge (March 2014).

"When ethnography goes wrong: a study of Shor sociality" presented in panel on Material Failure in anthropology, AAA annual meeting, Chicago (November 2013).

"Kafka and the political thought in modern anthropology and philosophy" presented in workshop on Kafka and the philosophers, École Normale Supérieure (February 2013).

"Western Philosophy and Cannibal Metaphysics: definition of a 'Minor Anthropology'" paper presented at a conference on Philosophy and Anthropology at UFSCAR, Sao Carlos (May 2012).

"Marginalisation and penalisation of Madness: a Foucauldian Approach to the 'Moindre Geste'", in a workshop at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade (December 2011).

"Power and Weakness of the Language in Psychoanalysis", paper presented in workshop on Language and Psychoanalysis at the Third Annual Meeting of the International Society of Psychoanalysis and Philosophy, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (November 2010).

Workshops and conferences organised

Penser avec l'Anthropologie (http://sophiapol.hypotheses.org/15993) . Seminar co-organised (with C. Chamoix, D. Le-Roux, P-L Boulanger, B. Gille) at Nanterre University, Paris, France (2014/2015).

Penser avec l'Anthropologie (http://sophiapol.hypotheses.org/14957). Conference co-organised (with C. Chamoix, D. Le-Roux, P-L Boulanger) at Nanterre University, Paris, France (May 2014).

Le cinéma : un acte de résistance. L'invention de politiques autres dans le cinéma : lectures cinématographiques, politiques et philosophiques (http://erraphis.univ-tlse2.fr/accueil-erraphis/manifestations-scientifiques/archives/2012-4e-forum-international-de-philosophie-politique-et-sociale-325843.kjsp?RH=1371031726054). Workshop organised (with B. Hankollari) at Toulouse University, France (July 2012).

Journées d'étude autour de la philosophie française contemporaine. Workshops organised (with T. Eid Mendes) at University of Sao Carlos, Brazil (May 2012). (www.europhilosophie.eu/recherche/spip.php?article707)


ERC, Contemporary Anthropologies of Revolutionary Politics (www.ucl.ac.uk/anthropology/revolution)