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Andrea Bravo Díaz

Andrea Bravo
Email: andrea.diaz.15@ucl.ac.uk
Supervisors: Sara Randall and Marc Brightman
Subject: Social and Medical Anthropology
Fieldsite: Waorani territory, Ecuadorian Amazonia

PhD Research

Along the roads. An ethnography of the Waorani sensorial ‘living well’.

I developed fieldwork on Waorani communities living along the roads in Ecuadorian Amazonia. The research addresses the Waorani notion of Waponi Kewemonipa, which can be translated as ‘living well’.  This exploration covers a variety of aspects from public wealth, aesthetic values and ontological design for ‘living well’, health and a consideration of the forest as a locus of wellbeing. 

Through this research I aim to describe different dimensions of ‘living well’, which are not considered in State developmental programmes or extractive interventions. Also, I draw attention on the complexities that the performance of waponi kewemonipa offers for the Waorani living along the road, which for them is considered as a place of unrest, as opposite to the ‘calm’ linked with ‘living well’.

Research Interests

  • Amazonian wellbeing
  • Ownership
  • Aesthetic values
  • Anthropology of senses
  • Indigenous use of new technologies, such as Facebook.

Publications, Thesis

  • Bravo, Andrea (2012), Ceremonias de Medicina Tradicional. In Nuestro Patrimonio.  Ministerio de Patrimonio: Ecuador.
  • Bravo, Andrea (2014). Exportando la lucha contra las bacterias, el caso Amazónico. In Reimaginando la Resistencia, edit. REACT. REACT, Ecuador.
  • Bravo Díaz, Andrea (2013). Cuando los saberes se hacen audibles: la transmisión del conocimiento en el Ecuador del siglo XXI. Maestría en Antropología; FLACSO Sede Ecuador. Quito, 149 p. Online Access.

Presentations & Conferences

  • 2018 Vital Energy along the roads – London, UK.
    Medical Anthropology Seminar, UCL.
  • 2018 Energía Vital y desarrollo – Barcelona, Cataluña.

Education History

  • MA in Social Anthropology, Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences FLACSO-Ecuador, 2013.
  • Lawyer and BA in Political and Social Science, University of Cuenca-Ecuador, 2008.

Honours, Awards & Funding

  • Scholarship of Excellence for conducting PhD studies. SENESCYT-Ecuador. 
  • Accessit Award- Second best graduate, School of Laws, University of Cuenca. 2008
  • Recipient of Legislative Agreement – For the work developed with social organizations for Ecuadorian youth.    National Congress of Ecuador. 2001.

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