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Ana Carolina (Carol) Balthazar

Ana Carolina Balthazar

Email: a.balthazar.11@ucl.ac.uk

PhD Candidate

Postgraduate Mentor for MA Culture, Materials and Design and MSc Social and Cultural Anthropology

LabUK Research Platform member

Research Topic/ Provisional Dissertation Title

The consumption of time and the regeneration of lives in Margate, UK

Supervisor(s): Daniel Miller and Martin Holbraad

Research Project

My doctoral research explores the role of the consumption of the past (old buildings and old objects) in the regeneration of an economically deprived town, Margate, and in the lives of retired informants.

Historically Margate was a Londoners holiday destination. As many other English seaside towns, after the 50's expansion of international tourism it crashed economically culminating in very high indices of deprivation. Apart from the economically disadvantaged people who came to Margate attracted by the low rents, the area has mainly been the destination of retired couples who share the memory of a fun childhood in the beach and live in nearby towns. And, recently, it became the destination of an artistical class attracted by the construction of the Turner Contemporary Gallery in 2011.

This research intends to investigate why in a movement to change Margate's present and future, a new past is build - new vintage shops and retro coffee shops in historical buildings. Why is it that the past is such an important element to change the present of a town? What is the past to my informants and how do they objectify the past? How the transformation of Margate's present and the past (from a working class seaside resort to a center of contemporary art) impacts my informants understanding of history, life and death? And why does this relation with the past is mediated through a consumption practice?

Research Interests

    • Consumption & Production
    • Markets & Economy
    • Materiality
    • Cosmology

    Panels, Workshops and Events Organised

    Why the UK? How can the ethnography of Britain contribute to the major discussions in the anthropological agenda?

    Workshop (organised with Joanna Cook), UCL Anthropology (September 2013)

    Mídias Convergentes, Conhecimentos Integrados: a convergência de meios de comunicação na sociedade contemporânea

    VI POSCOM Conference (organised with others), PUC-Rio (November 2009)

    Selected Seminar, Conference, and Workshop Papers

    Between the "anchor" and the "strange" to find the universal. Paper in Workshop 'Ethnographic Starting Points: Theoretical Directions for 'New' Anthropologists'. CUSAS, Cambridge (2014).

    When the "non-western" becomes the researcher: what happens to notions like "at home" and "otherness" when a Brazilian studies in Britain. Paper in Workshop "Why the UK? How can the ethnography of Britain contribute to the major discussions in the anthropological agenda?". LabUK, Department of Anthropology, UCL (2013).

    Tempo livre é tempo útil: gadgets, entretenimento e juventude (with Everardo Rocha and Cláudia Pereira). Paper in panel "Mídia e Entretenimento". XIX COMPÓS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2010).

    Sobre eficácia simbólica e consumo. Paper in panel "Comunicação, Consumo e Cultura Contemporânea: Imagem, Cidade, Juventude". Intercom - XXXIII, Caxias do Sul, Brazil (2010).

    Você sabe quem está consumindo?. Paper in conference VII POSCOM, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2010).

    Sobre a ideologia das mídias na Sociedade de Consumo. Paper in conference VI POSCOM, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2009).

      Academic Background/Education

      Master in Communication Studies - PUC-Rio, Brazil
      Bachelor in Communication Studies - PUC-Rio, Brazil

      Honours and Awards

      Wonderments of Cosmos Research Prize (with others) (March 2014)
      High performance master scholarship award by CAPES, Brazil (2009-2011)