Mark Le Fanu

Mark Le Fanu Email: lefanumark@hotmail.com

Mark Le Fanu currently teaches ANTHGS17 in the autumn term at UCL: Documentary Cinema and the Ethnographic Eye. (The subtitle of the course is “History and Aesthetics of Documentary”.)

Mark taught in the English faculty at Cambridge for a number of years before moving to Denmark in 1993 to teach at the newly-founded European Film College, where for a decade and a half he was director of studies in film history. Before returning to England in 2010 Mark was reserve lecturer at Aarhus University in the departments of English and of Film Studies.

Specialist topics, besides documentary film, include silent cinema, and the national cinemas of Russia and Japan, about which he has written extensively. His book on Kenji Mizoguchi – Mizoguchi and Japan (BFI books, 2005) – was nominated for the Kraszna-Krausz book prize, awarded bi-annually for the Moving Image Book of the Year. Mark’s film essays appear regularly in Sight & Sound and Positif, and in the East-West Review.