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Calin Cotoi

Aurel Vlaicu street, no. 140

Bucharest, Romania

postal code 020099

Tel: +4 0724 370 834

Fax: 4 (021) 315.83.91

Email : calincotoi@yahoo.com

Calin Cotoi

Born in 1974 in Timisoara, Romania

1998 BA in Medical Sciences, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca

2000 BA in Sociology, Faculty of Sociology, University of Bucharest

2002 MA in Social Anthropology, Faculty of Sociology, University of Bucharest

2006- present Lecturer, University of Bucharest

2007 PhD in Anthropology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest

2005-6 Fellow of Collegium Budapest and Centre for Advanced Studies Sofia

2006-7 Fellow of New Europe College, Bucharest

2007-present Honorary Research Assistant UCL, Department of Anthropology

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General Interests

I've been working on the topic of processes of ethnicization in Eastern Europe (especially Romania and Moldavia), the imagination of national spaces through scholarly discourses (sociology, ethnology and human geography) in interwar Eastern Europe and connections between nationalism and religion in the same area

Current Research

I am developping a research centered on the ethno-religious group of Csangos from Eastern Romania, focused on the double and antagonist nationalizing projects they are subjected to. Through various actors (state institutions, NGOs, church leaders etc.) the Csangos are being reified as lost national self (in the Hungarian case) or tainted national self (in the Romanian case). I am trying to study the processes through which the local population is making use of these various, nationally overdetermined, discourses and resources.

Selected publications

- Primordialism cultural şi geopolitică românească [Cultural Primordialism and Romanian Geopolitics], Mica Valahie Publishing House, 2007

- “Economie ţărănească” [Peasant Economy], in Dicţionar de Sociologie Rurală, [Dictionary of Rural Sociology], Mica Valahie Publishing House, 2003

- “New Technologies in National Minorities Invention”, in Globalization, European Integration and Social Development , Psihomedia Publishing House, 2003

- “Csangos, the Imagining of a National Minority. Ethnic and Religious Identity”, in Geopolitica Integrării Europene [Geopolitics of the European Integration], University of Bucharest Press, 2003;

- “Closures and Museums” in MARTOR. The Museum of the Romanian Peasant Anthropology Review, no.11, 2006

- „Regionalism şi regionalizare. O abordare critică” [Regionalism and Regionalization. A Critical Approach], in Revista Romana de Sociologie [Romanian Sociological Review] , no.2-3/2004