UCL Anthropology


Nanneke Redclift

E-mail: n.redclift@ucl.ac.uk

D.Phil. Social Anthropology University of Sussex 1977
M.Phil. Social Anthropology University of Sussex 1968

Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology

Associate Fellow of the Institute for the Study of the Americas


Research Interests

  • The anthropology of the body, gender and sexuality
  • Cultural dimensions of biotechnology
  • The politics of knowledge, history, and identity in Latin America (particularly Mexico)

Previous Research

The cultural meaning of genetic knowledge: The research analyses the significance of new forms of biological knowledge for cultural conceptions of the person, the individual and the citizen.

Imagining the past the future in the contemporary 'Maya World': The project explores the re-interpretation of the past in South-Eastern Mexico, particularly the Yucatan Peninsula. It examines struggles for the control of new forms of knowledge and the ways in which local and regional identities are being visualised, expressed and repositioned.

Households and public goods in low-income countries (UNU/WIDER) 1997-1998

Changing concepts of the body and reproduction 1990-present

Community and State in Catalunya (with University of Barcelona , British Council) 1988-90

Gender, work and the household 1980-92

Migration and gender relations in Mexico 1978-80

Transformation and change in marginal areas of Europe 1968-77

Present and previous teaching

Critical Issues in Anthropological Theory

Current Issues in the Study of Gender and Sexuality

Anthropological Research Methods

Latin American Ethnography

Kinship and Social Organisation

Gender and Development

Introduction to Social Anthropology

Urban Anthropology

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