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Alexandra Fanghanel

Alexandra Fanghanel

E-mail: a.fanghanel@ucl.ac.uk

External Research Group: http://ssqrg.org/fanghanel/ 

PhD Social Geography, University of Leeds, UK, 2010

Research Interests

Drawing on expertise acquired from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, I have a breadth of research-interests in the field of gender, sexuality and the constructed meanings of space and place including the importance of ritual, of liminality and of ambiguity in making sense of subjectivity in space.

My research expertise centres around explorations of how knowledge is produced, the use of affective understandings to access the indeterminate of knowledge and the relationship between affect theory and practice. My work has implications for criminological, post-colonial and queer approaches to understanding emotion, belonging and exclusion in space.


2013 'Hijabs, Hoodies and Hotpants'; negotiating the 'slut' in 'SlutWalk', Geoforum, 48 207-215 (with Jason Lim, University of Brighton )


2007 University Research Scholarships, University of Leeds
Graduate Merit Award, London School of Economics

Invited Papers

28/02/10 Youth, Inclusion and Play Design: Dismantling the 'to-be-feared' and the 'to-be-feared-for', Architecture and Performance, Yale Center for British Art, Yale, USA

24/03/09 'Queerly Constructed Utopias: Exploring Youth, Space and Recreation', Practical Utopias Seminar Series, University of Nottingham, UK

Public Engagement/Knowledge Transfer Activities

21/05/12     Organised an inter-agency, collaborative and international workshop entitled: 'Boundaries and Composition of Households/Ménages in the last census round in France and the UK: The Implications for Household Surveys', Institut National des Etudes Demographique, Paris, France

18/05/12     '"Who's Slutty Now?": Sexuality, Subjectivity and Selfhood' Lunch Time Lecture Series, UCL, London, UK

02/12/11     'Deleuze & Guattari: Politics, Activism and Protest', co-presented with Lim, J, Session organised and presented at Tent City University, Occupy LSX, London, UK

Conference Organisation

01/07/13     'Geographies of Desire' session co-organised with Lim, J at the Fourth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies, University of Groningen, Netherlands

09/07/12      'Harmonised Household: Ménages À Ménager' e-conference, held online via Moodle

22/07/12     Contributions were received internationally from household data users, commissioners, analysers, policy advisors and intergenerational NGOs to foster international dialogues with the findings of this study (see http://www.householdsurvey.info/node/50)

04/07/12     'Space, Sex and Security' session co-organised with Lim, J at the RGS-IBG, in Edinburgh, UK

Selected Conference/Colloquium Presentations

04/07/12     '"Women Should Avoid Dressing Like Sluts in Order Not to be Victimised" Or how feminine sexuality and moral panics change public space', co-presented with Lim, J, RGS-IBG Annual Conference, Edinburgh, UK

14/06/12     'Mapping Intergenerational Care Across Households in the UK: Analysing Proximity, Propinquity and Resources in the "Tacit Intergenerational Contract"' presented at the European Association of Population Studies Conference, Stockholm, Sweden

11/05/12     'Ties that Bind: Intergenerationality, Transationality and Obligation', Intergenerational Geographies Conference, University of Leeds, UK

25/02/12     'Hijabs, Hoodies and Hotpants: Contesting the "Slut" in SlutWalk', co-presented with Lim, J, Association of American Geographers, New York, USA

09/09/11     'How Abstract is the Body? Queer and Feminist Theorising of Embodiment in the "Society of Control"', co-presented with Lim, J, European Geographies of Sexualities Conference, Brussels, Belgium

02/09/11     'Forging Fearless Femininities: Thrill-Seeking, Liminality and the Night', RGS-IBG, London, UK

01/09/11     'Undoing Fearful Feeling: Challenging Exclusions, Marginalisations and Inequalities of Fear of Crime', RGS-IBG, London, UK

Conference Papers

01/09/10 Young People's Leisure: Dismantling the 'to-be-feared' and the 'to-be-feared-for' through Design, RGS-IBG, London, UK

23/04/10 Fear and Loathing in the City: How Affects Affect Streetwisdom, Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Leeds, UK

7/11/09 Affective Fear and Safety in Urban Spaces: Enquiring after the Who of Fear of Crime, Interdisciplinary Themes, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

7/06/09 'Stories of 'Home' : Intergenerational Femininity in Suburbia', 7th European Feminist Research Conference, Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands

7/11/08 'Stories of 'at-Home'ness: Intergenerational 'Femininity' in Maidstone', MulitpliCITIES Conference, University of East London, UK

7/07/08 'Towards a feminist queer (n)ontology?', Intersections: Feminist and Queer Geography, University of Leeds, UK

22/04/08 'Towards a Genealogy of Street Wisdom', Postgraduate Seminar Series, School of Geography, University of Leeds, UK

11/11/08 'Discursive Fear, Safety and Resistance: An Exploratory Study of Women on the London Underground', Alternatives: Gender Community and Regeneration, London School of Economics, UK