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Research Students - Social Anthropology
Manuela Pellegrino  
Manuela Pellegrino  

BA in Foreign Language and Literatures
(Honours degree)
University of Lecce, Italy 2000

MSc in Social Anthropology
University College of London, 2006

Provisional PhD Working Title, expected 2010
'Language ideologies and policies: the case of Griko'

Tel: +44 77 7612 5404

Current Research/Theoretical Interests

My research will focus on "Griko", a language of Greek origins, spoken in "Grecìa Salentina" (Southern Italy).

Reflecting a long-standing interest, as I come originally from Grecìa Salentina, it builds on my Masters' dissertation, in which I investigated the key cultural and historical factors which led to the subordination of Griko to Italian in the 20th century and succeeded in marginalising Griko.

My project investigates the politics of language death and/or revival in the case of Griko. If focuses on the application and evolution of Griko from the 1970s up to the present; in particular it studies the (more) recent revival, which culminated in the recognition in 1999 of the Grecìa Salentina community as an official linguistic minority by the Italian State and the European community. It aims to analyze the interplay between local, national and "supranational policies associated with the current spread of minority rights, including language rights" (Wright, 2004) and to study the unexpected consequences of this "supranational" legislation and its effects on language application and ideology.

My research will combine social macroprosesses with linguistic microanalysis, encompassing cross-disciplinary theory and methodology (linguistics, anthropology, discourse analysis)

My interests revolve around: language ideologies, attitudes and policies; commodification of language, tourism, memory and tradition; nationalism and globalisation


2005 Pellegrino, M. "Strangers at home, patriotic abroad". Zollinesi nel mondo.

Thesis Supervisors

First: Charles Stewart
Second: Alexandra Georgakopoulou (Kings College)

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