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Research Students - Biological Anthropology  


Room: 326
Year of start: 2010
Subject: Biological Anthropology

Provisional Dissertation Title

The evolution of human cooperative and punitive behaviours: A phylogenetic comparative approach.


Ruth Mace
Tom Currie


I am interested in the study of human behaviour from an evolutionary and comparative perspective. More specifically, I am interested in the evolution of cooperative and other-regarding behaviours in humans and other apes, and how these have in turn shaped the evolution of our life histories. For my PhD project, I am using phylogenetic comparative methods to investigate the evolution of cooperative and punitive behaviours in Bantu-speaking groups of Africa.

Research interests

  • The evolution of human cooperation and prosociality
  • The evolution of human life histories

Academic Background/Education

B.Sc Human Sciences, Durham University, 2008.

M.Phil Human Evolutionary Studies, Cambridge University, 2010.


Migliano, AB and Guillon, M (2012) The Effects of Mortality, Subsistence, and Ecology on Human Adult Height and Implications for Homo Evolution. Current Anthropology 53(S6): S359-S368.

Currie, TE; Meade, A; Guillon, M and Mace, R (2013) Cultural Phylogeography of the Bantu languages of sub-Saharan Africa. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 280(1762): 20130695.

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