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Research Students - Social Anthropology  
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Primary Supervisor: Ruth Mandel
Secondary Supervisor: Daniel Miller


Thesis Title: Debt of Gratitude, Shame, and Religion amongst Filipina Immigrants in London

My research focuses on Filipina immigrants’ lives and how they engage and disengage, adapt and readapt their interpretations of ‘traditional’ Filipino concepts of shame and debt of gratitude. This thesis also examines the singleton or lesbian status of the Filipina women and how this may implicate their longings for autonomy, their standing as a member of their household, and how they shift meanings of the concepts of debt of gratitude and shame towards their relationship with God.


BSc Communications, University of Miami 2001

MA Anthropology, California State University 2006

MSc Anthropology and Development, London School of Economics 2009

Research Interests

Philippines and Sri Lanka



Domestic Work and Labour

Seminars and Workshops Attended

Understanding the Migrant Experience Seminar Series--Who Tells the Story: the ‘Politics of the Migrant Voice’, Swansea University, Participant, July 2010

Visa Stories: Experiences Between Law and Migration, University of Kent, Canterbury, Presenter, October 2011


American Anthropological Association (AAA)

Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI)

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