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Graduate Students

List of current MPhil/PhD Students and Thesis Titles

Biological Anthropology

Title Supervisor(s)
Aalaa Al-Shamahi   Christophe Soligo
Claudia Amphlett Climate change, drought impacts and the coexistence of people and large carnivores in East African rangelands Katherine Homewood and Sarah Durant
Katharine Balolia Sexual dimorphism, extended cranial and mandibular growth and life history in the genus Homo Christophe Soligo
Claire Bedelian Community conservation in the Maasai Mara in Kenya Katherine Homewood
Farid Belbachir Aspects of carnivore ecology and interactions with human communities in the Algerian Sahara, with particular reference to North-African Cheetah Katherine Homewood and Sarah Randall
Sarah Brooke   Katherine Homewood
Kathleen Bryson The cognitive and adaptative roots of prejudice and discrimination in humans and other apes Volker Sommer
Christine Carter Conservation and development; the search for synergies around an MPA on the coast of Kenya Katherine Homewood
Helen Cross Small-Scale Coastal Marine Fishing (SSCMF)- A case study from the island of Uno in the Bijagos Archipelago, Guinea Bissau Katherine Homewood
Mark Dyble The behavioural ecology of Agta hunter-gatherers Andrea Migliano, Ruth Mace
Myrtille Guillon The evolution of human cooperative and punitive behaviours: A phylogenetic comparative approach. Ruth Mace and Tom Currie
Olivier Hymas   Katherine Homewood
Bram van Leeuwen The role of individual factors and the social environment in shaping adolescent behaviour Ruth Mace
Nicolas Montalva Rivera Evolution of Lactase Persistence and Milking Practices in Goat Herders of the Semi-Arid Region of Chile Ruth Mace and Dallas Swallow 
Marie-Annick Moreau The Role of Aquatic Resources in Rural Livelihoods on Tanzania's Rufiji River Floodplain Katherine Homewood
Abigail Page
The Other ‘Allo’: Communal Breeding, kinship and Ecological Variability among the Agta Andrea Migliano and Ruth Mace
Gemma Price Environmental, ecological and phylogenetic correlates of cranial shape variation in strepsirrhine primates Christophe Soligo and Anjali Goswami
Deniz Salali
Social structure, cultural transmission and cooperation in Mbendjele (BaYaka) hunter-gatherers Andrea Migliano and Ruth Mace
Antonio Silva
The Costs of Inter-Cultural Interaction – A Case Study on Protestant and Catholic Communities in Northern Ireland Ruth Mace
Matthew G. Thomas A comparative study of human kinship variation Ruth Mace
Sandra Tranquilli African great apes distribution, abundance and conservation efforts effectiveness Volker Sommer
Caroline Uggla The Evolutionary Ecology of Health-related Behaviours Ruth Mace and David W. Lawson
Adaoma Wosu Effects of Tourism and Conservation on Intertidal Resource Users Katherine Homewood
Anas Yahaya Quantification of Differences in the Levels of Facial Asymmetry of Hausa Ethnic Group in Nigeria, Correlation between Socioeconomic Status and Medical History Christophe Soligo and Ruth Mace

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Material Culture

Title Supervisor
Gabrielle Ackroyd Financial and symbolic intersections of the house in the Irish Republic Victor Buchli and Adam Drazin
Maria Angel Colombia’s Digit@l Orph@ns and Childless P@rents: maintaining sentiments across national borders Rodney Reynolds and Susanne Küchler
Pwyll Ap Stifin The Aural Culture of 9/11 Victor Buchli
Ana Carolina (Carol) Balthazar

The consumption of time and the regeneration of lives in Margate, UK Daniel Miller and Martin Holbraad
Arsim Canolli Behind open doors; social significance of food in Kosova Chris Tilley
Timothy Carroll Shifting Ontologies of Fabric: Textile, Material and the Making of Heaven in the Holy Orthodox Church

Susanne Küchler and Martin Holbraad

Elizabeth D'Antonio Inside the American Dream: An Ethnography Daniel Miller and Victor Buchli
Jane Dickson Roofscapes: Housing, Governance and The Materialisation of Sustainability Victor Buchli and Yvonne Rydin
Nick Gadsby Presence, Absence and Transcendence: The Digital Materiality of MMOs. Daniel Miller and Lane Denicola
Anna Hoare Making Space: Architectures amd Settlements of Post-Normadic Irish Travellers Victor Buchli
Kohar Hokdanian-York   Daniel Miller
Shisachila Imchen The Megaliths of the Naga of Northeast Chris Tilley
David Jeevendrampillai An historical spatial-ethnography and ‘auto-ethnography’ of suburban commercial practices Victor Buchli and Sam Griffiths
Iestyn Jones   Ludovic Coupaye and Susanne Kuechler
Hala Kilani Hima, a way of Being Mike Rowlands
Aleksi Knuutila Subjects of the worldly kingdom: Agency, economy and generosity in Evangelical churches in Central Texas Daniel Miller and Susanne Küchler
Alesya Krit Lifestyle migration: the processes of interaction with architecture of houses and redefining kinship relations in the case of the British in Spain Victor Buchli and Daniel Miller
Yang-Yi Kuo Lost Home(lands) Reinvented: Material Culture of the Chinese Diaspora and Their Family in Taiwan Chris Tilley
Chih-I Lai Crafting Taiwan through Design Michael Rowlands
Simone Mangal The Real Life of Things: Social and Environmental Values of Commodities Daniel Miller
Urmila Mohan
Clothing as Material of Religious Subjectivity in ISKCON India Susanne Kuechler and Chris Pinney
Razvan Nicolescu Boredom and the technology of boredom in rural Romania Daniel Miller
Hyun-Jung Oh An Ethnography of the Use of Video Games in Residential Care Susanne Kuechler
Juan Rojas The Materiality and Visual Culture of Mesoamerican Petates Michael Rowlands
Devorah Romanek Re-remembered: the collaborative creation of a digital catalogue Susanne Kuechler
Sumiko Sarashima Intangible Cultural Heritage: Bingata, a traditional textile dyeing technique in Okinawa Chris Tilley
Francesca Simon Millar Digital Heritage: The Networked Technology of the Digital Image Graeme Were
Julie Shackleford The Effect of World Heritage Discourse on the Commodification of Antiquities Daniel Miller
Michael Shea Visions of the Future at the Japanese Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Victor Buchli and Susanne Kuechler
Louisa Sherman
Designing Hong Kong: building on a ‘barren island”, dwelling in a ‘good-place land’. Chris Tilley
Juliano Spyer The effects of Social Networking Sites related to class mobility in Brazil Daniel Miller and Lucia Michelutti
Hannah Swee   Susanne Kuechler
Tiziana Traldi Dual earning families and their paid housewives: negotiating boundaries between ‘blood’ and ‘fictive’ kinship. Daniel Miller and Suzanne Kuchler
Shu-Li Wang

The Poetics and Politics of China's Yinxu Archaeological Park in the Making

Michael Rowlands and
Christopher Tilley
Saffron Woodcraft Another failed utopia? What does social sustainability mean for the planning, development and formation of new urban communities? Victor Buchli and Hannah Knox

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Medical Anthropology

Title Supervisor(s)
Dafne Accoroni Islamic integration and social wellbeing in Paris: the Mouride brotherhood and the Malian foyer Roland Littlewood
Caroline Ackley Negotiations of intimacy and morality in Hargeysa, Somaliland Sara Randall and Jo Cook
Jesse Bia The Social Perception of Regenerative Medicine in Japan (working title) Sahra Gibbon and David Napier
Elena Cingolani
  David Napier and Joe Cain
Elizabeth Elliott A Medical Landscape in Laos David Napier, Therese Hesketh
Flavia Leite Dias Authoritative Knowledge and the Politics of Childbirth in Sentos Roland Littlewood
Eirini Kampriani Cultural Management of Genetic Knowledge in the Case of 'Female' Cancer. Embodied Risk and the Moral Landscape of Women's Health Roland Littlewood
Ursula Read

Between chains and vagrancy: Living with mental illness in Kintampo Ghana

Roland Littlewood and Barrie Sharpe
Daniele Stolfi Refracted Truths:  Mediating Constructions of Identity through the Illness and Healing Experience of Homeless Native American Men along the Wasatch Front, Utah. David Napier and Roland Littlewood

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Social Anthropology

Title Supervisor
Clementina Amankwaah Continuity and Change in the making of Elites: University Students in Post War Sierra Leone Barrie Sharpe
Marian Anastasoaie Work, Knowledge and Value-Producing among Tobacco Growers in Cuba Michael Stewart (co)
Alexandra S. Antohin An Ethnography of Orthodox Christianity and Religious Pluralism in Wollo, Ethiopia Charles Stewart and Rebecca Empson
Alessandra Basso Ortiz Performing ethics in socialist Cuba: a case study of Afro-Cuban religions in Perico Martin Holbraad
Meixuan Chen Place-Making in SW China Michael Stewart
Ulrike Cokl Cultural Hospitality Practices, Tourism and the Economy of Relationships in Bhutan. A View from a Bhutanese Village David Napier, Joe Calabrese and Geoffrey Samuel
Gill Conquest Designs for the Pluriverse? Assembling Power and Knowledge in Extreme Citizen Science Jerome Lewis, Marc Brightman
Razvan Dumitru Regulating the Post-Socialist Market: Moldova Michael Stewart (co)
Georgia Efremova Alternative social movements in the Czech Republic Michael Stewart
Dominic Esler
Catholicism among Sri Lankan Tamils Alex Pillen and Rebecca Empson
Tobia Farnetti Indigenous cosmologies of northeastern Siberia Martin Holbraad and Rebecca Empson
Dia Flores Debt of Gratitude, Shame, and Religion amongst Filipina Immigrants in London Ruth Mandel
Julia Frajtag Sauma The Encantado: Maroon groups, politics and cosmology in the Brazilian Amazon Martin Holbraad
Jennie Gamlin Environmental risks to child health: pesticides,reproduction and indigenous knowledge in Nayarit, Mexico Nanneke Redclift
Maria Iancu
Ada Kaleh Tales: Topographies of Displacement, Memory and Translocal Imaginaries Charles Stewart and Ger Duijzings
Dimitra Kofti Processes of temporalisation in a Bulgarian industrial town Michael Stewart
Myriam Lamrani Mexican Folk Religion / ‘Equal in Death’- Saints and Sinners in Oaxaca, Mexico Martin Holbraad and Charles Stewart
Charlotte Loris-Rodionoff Revolutionary Temporalities, Ethics, And Self-Formation Among Syrians In Southern Turkey Martin Holbraad and Charles Stewart
Rebecca Lynch Cosmologies of Control: Self, Spirits and Agency in Contemporary Trinidad Roland Littlewood and Allen Abramson
Inge Mascher Brizuela State and Illegality in Mexico. An Anthropology of people's encounters with the State Mukulika Banerjee
Athena Meselidou   Mukulika Banerjee
Lorna Mumford An Ethnographic Exploration of Nonreligious ‘Cosmic and Social Imaginaries’ and Notions of the ‘Good’ Charles Stewart
and Allen Abramson
Caitlin O'Grady HIV/AIDS in India: Western-oriented health care and traditional schemas of spiritual pollution David Napier and Sahra Gibbon
Farhana Hoque The Journal of Cultural Identity in Chittagong Hill Tracts: A Transgenerational Approach Roland Littlewood and Susanne Kuechler

Salim Aykut Öztürk

Armenians between Istanbul and Armenia: An Ethnography of Communal Identity in Transnational Contexts Ruth Mandel and Susan Paul Pattie
Aaron Parkhurst Genes and Djinni: Changing Perceptions of the Self in South-East Arabia Roland Littlewood
Manuela Pellegrino Language ideologies and policy: the case of Griko Charles Stewart
Raluca Pernes   Michael Stewart
Ellen Potts The UK Climate Camp movement towards radical solutions to climate change Jerome Lewis
Ellie Reynolds Substance, Embodiment and Control in an Orgasmic Commune Roland Littlewood
Alex Saran Domestic wilderness: exotic pet ownership in the UK. Allen Abramsona and Dr. B. Sharpe
Matan Shapiro Invisibility as Ethics: Affect, Play and Intimacy in Maranhão, Northeast Brazil
Allen Abramson
Sebina Sivac-Bryant Memory, Commemoration and Politics in contemporary Bosnia Michael Stewart
Janine Su

On Boys and Borders: Transgressive Masculinities and the Dilemma of Liminality in a Turkish Urban Centre

Allen Abramson and Ruth Mandel
Catalina Tesar Women married off to chalices. Gender, kinship and wealth among Romanian Cortorari Gypsies Michael Stewart and Rebecca Empson
Cathryn Townsend Transformation in Egalitarian Societies: Examining the emergence of inequality amongst Baka hunter-gatherers Jerome Lewis
Radu Umbres Folk Theories of the Social in a Romanian Village Michael Stewart and Luke Freeman
Kaya Uzel
Cosmology, Development, and Iconoclasm in Postcolonial Burkina Faso Martin Holbraad and Amna Malik
Besim Can Zirh Transnational Field of Social Relations and Networks of Alevi Communities in Europe Ruth Mandel

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