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PhD, Biological Anthropology

University of Zürich, Switzerland, 2001

Lecturer, Primate and Human Evolution

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General interests

My main interests are in the adaptive origin of primate radiations, evolutionary anatomy and palaeoecology.

A central aim of my research is to reconstruct the evolutionary history of primates by investigating the major issues relating to the adaptive nature of primate radiations: the identification of key features, the sequence of acquisition of those features and the timing of the major divergence events (the divergence of primates from other mammals and the main divergences within the primate order).

The investigation and interpretation of evolutionary processes requires knowledge of the environmental conditions under which they operated. An equally important part of my research is therefore concerned with the refinement of current methods to assess and control for taphonomic bias (the bias introduced through the processes of differential burial, fossilisation and recovery rates of individual organisms) prior to palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. My main approach concentrates on the interpretation of entire assemblages of fossil mammals. Palaeoenvironments are assessed through multivariate analyses using an extensive comparative database of modern faunas.

Primates phylogeny

Schematic representation of the main divergence events in primate evolution.



In addition to contributing to the core course teaching of the MSc in Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology and to the methods course teaching in the MSc in Human Evolution and Behaviour, I organise and run two undergraduate modules and one postgraduate module.

Undergraduate modules:

Postgraduate module:

  • ANTHGH17/ARCLG211 – Primate Evolution

ANTH3052 students searching for fossils on the Isle of Sheppey.



  • Departmental Tutor - Anthropology
  • Third Year Tutor - Human Sciences
  • Curator - Biological Anthropology Collection

PhD students

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