UCL Anthropology


Méadhbh Mclvor

Teaching Fellow in Social Anthropology

PhD Anthropology, London School of Economics, 2016

Méadhbh is a social anthropologist with a particular interest in the anthropologies of law and religion. Her research focuses on law, Christianity, and the politics of religious freedom in the contemporary United Kingdom, where she has carried out long-term participatory fieldwork split between a conservative Christian lobby group and a conservative evangelical church.

Méadhbh's work aims to provide an ethnographic account of the recent rise, rhetoric, and reception of Christian interest litigation in England. Funded by Christian lobbyists, and influenced by the legal engagement strategies of their American peers, increasing numbers of English Christians - including uniformed employees opposed to dress codes that prevent the visible display of crosses and crucifixes; registrars, counsellors, and hoteliers unwilling to serve homosexual clients or customers; and doctors, nurses, and teachers disciplined for proselytising at work - are deploying the language of human rights to frame themselves as the victims of secular intolerance. Blending the anthropologies of law, religion, and morality, her work charts the contested reception of this American-inspired legal rhetoric in a polity that maintains an established church even as it is wary of those who 'do God' in public.

In a future project, Méadhbh hopes to further her work on 'lived conservativism' in multicultural polities by carrying out research on legalised Christianity in the United States.

Research Interests

  • Legal Anthropology
  • Christianity/ies
  • Publics and Counterpublics
  • Religious Publicity
  • Human Rights Law
  • Evangelicalism(s)
  • Morality & Values
  • Ambiguity
  • Judgment


  • Legal Anthropology & Human Rights (Lecturer)
  • Anthropology of Religion (Lecturer)
  • Issues in Power and Culture (Tutor)
  • Critical Issues in Social and Cultural Anthropology (Tutor)
  • Being Human (Tutor)

For further information, please see: https://ucl.academia.edu/MeadhbhMcIvor