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Igor Cherstich

Igor Cherstich
Email: i.cherstich@ucl.ac.uk

Teaching Fellow
Joined UCL 1 September 2014

PhD, Social Anthropology (2013)
MA, Social Anthropology, SOAS (2005)
Laurea, Archaeology and Classics, University of Chieti (2004)

Research Interests

My main interests are Theory in Anthropology, the Anthropology of Islam, Local Articulations of Revolution, Sufism, Ritual Secrecy, Transmission of Mystical Knoweldge, Politics of the Miracolous, Tribal Dynamics, State Surveillance and Mortuary Archaeology. I have conducted anthropological research in Libya before and after the 2011 revolution, and I am currently a core member of the team for the ERC project CARP - Comparative Anthropologies of Revolutionary Politics

I have taught anthropology courses in a number of London universities, and in addition to my anthropological work, I have published journalistic pieces on Libya dealing with access to justice and the role of revolutionary militias. I have authored expert reports for Libyan asylum seekers, and I am also member of the archaeological mission of the University of Chieti in Eastern Libya.


  • The Social Forms of Revolution - Convenor
  • Anthropological Theory - Co-convenor
  • Critical Issues in Anthropology - Lecturer
  • Introdution to Social Anthropology - Lecturer
  • Being Human - Lecturer
  • Individual Studies Support - Lecturer
  • Anthropologies of Islam - Convenor
  • Anthropology of Islam in the Diaspora - Convenor


Italian, Arabic, Ancient Greek, Latin, French (basic) Spanish (basic).


  • Research Ethics Committee, UCL Anthropology, Mar - Apr 2018
  • Libya Expert, Witness Directory, since Jul 2017
  • Analyst for North-Africa, Wikistrat Network, since Apr 2015
  • Analyst for North-Africa, Fahamu Refugee Programme, since Aug 2014
  • Libya Expert, ILPA and EIN Directory of Experts, since Apr 2014
  • Libya Expert, Rights in Exile Programme, since Jan 2014
  • Archaeologist, Mission in Libya, University of Chieti, since May 2002



(2020) "Anthropologies of Revolution - Forging Time, People and Worlds" (With M. Holbraad & N. Tassi). Berkeley: University of California Press.

(Under Completion) "Seventy Thousand Secrets: Sufism, Revolution and Concealment in Libya".

Chapters in Books

(2014) "The Body of the Colonel - Caricature and Incarnation in the Libyan Revolution", In The Political Aesthetics of Global Protest - the Arab Spring and Beyond, P.Werbner, M. Webb & K. Spellman (Eds.), 93-120. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press.

(2009) "Violent Dialogues between Mourners and Tombs: Disfiguring Cyrenean Cemeteries in Imperial Times" (with Luca Cherstich), in The Archaeology of Destruction, Racozky, L. (Ed.), 210 - 238. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle.

Edited Volumes

(2014) (with Matteo Capasso), "The Multiple Narratives of the Libyan Revolution", Middle-East Critique, Special issue, 23, 4.


(Forthcoming) Phero Semeros e i Contesti Spezzati - Nuovi Schemata Iconografici dalla Necropoli di Cirene: Dal Traffico Illecito alla Ricostruzione dei Contesti (with S. Alannabi, M. Belzic, L. Cherstich, O. Mei, O. Menozzi, A.S. Sharif) In Libya Antiqua, Vol. XIII 2020. Roma: Fabrizio Serra Editore.  

(Forthcoming) Now I want the Law! – Libyans seeking ‘Non-State Justice’ in the Hope of ‘State Justice’, In Middle East Law and Governance’. Leiden: BRILL.

(2018) Oltre il Tribalismo: Dinamiche Tribali e Sentimento Nazionale nella Libia post-rivoluzionaria In Giornale di Bordo di Storia, Letteratura e Arte, Serie III, N.47-48, 133-148. Firenze: LoGisma Editore.

(2018) A ‘Living’ Necropolis: Change and Reuse in the Cemeteries of Cyrene (et al.) In Libyan Studies, 49, 121- 152. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

(2017) Review of ‘Arab Spring: Uprisings, Powers Interventions’, K. Fosshagen Ed., In The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 22: 4, 1011 - 1012. 

(2015) "Sufis, Salafis and Militiamen in Post-Qaddafi Libya", In The Middle East in London, 11, 3, 15. London: London Middle East Institute SOAS.

(2015) "Tribal Divisions in Libya: Cause or Effect?" In Afkar/Ideas, 47, 26-27.

(2014) Guest Editors’ Note - The Libyan Event and the Part for the Whole (with M. Capasso), In The Multiple Narratives of the Libyan Revolution, Middle East Critique, Special Issue, 23, 4, 379-385.  

(2014) "When Tribesmen do not act Tribal : Libyan Tribalism as Ideology (not as Schizophrenia)", In The Multiple Narratives of the Libyan Revolution, Middle East Critique, Special Issue, 23, 4, 405- 421.

(2014) No Space to Breathe - Spaces of Worship as ‘Generators’ of Social Cohesion, The Center for Academic Shi’a Studies, Occasional Papers, 1-16, London.  

(2011) "Struggling for a Framework, Prolegomena to the study of the Libyan Issawiya", In Libyan Studies, 42, 59- 68. Oxford: Society for Libyan Studies.

(2011) "Libya: Tribal War or Popular Revolution?" In The Middle-East in London, 7, 9, 7. London: London Middle-East Institute SOAS.

(2008) Oroscopo e Astrologia : Ideologie Leggere nell’Europa Contemporanea, In Studi Etno-Antropologici e Sociologici, 36, 35-43, Naples:  S.e.a.s. Napoli, collana "Prisma".

(2008) Invisible Rituals and Cyclical Trends in the Tombs of Haleg Stawat, In SOMA 2005, Symposium of Mediterranean Archaeology, L. Cherstich, O. Menozzi, D. Fossataro & M.L. Di Marzio (Eds), 121-128, Oxford:  British Archaeological Review, International Series 1739.

(2006) "Il Vocabolario Archetipico di una disciplina Mitopoietica (Apologia di una terminologia meravigliosamente imprecisa)", In Studi Etno-Antropologici e Sociologici, 34, 87-95, Naples:  S.e.a.s. Napoli, collana "Prisma".

(2005) "Votive Niches in Funerary Architecture in Cyrenaica, Libya" (with E. di Valerio, M. Carinci, G. D'Addazio, A. Cinalli, F. Siciliano) In SOMA 2003, Symposium of Mediterranean Archaeology, J.Green, A.Kaldelis, A.Stellatov (Eds), 53-58, Oxford: British Archaeological Review; International Series 1391.

(2005) Richard Burton and Jalal Al-Ahmad: L’Esperienza Liminale di due Pellegrini senza Fede In Studi Etno-Antropologici e Sociologici, 33, 90-97, Naples:  S.e.a.s. Napoli, collana "Prisma".  

National Newspapers

(2015) (with Giuseppe Acconcia) "In Libia il Business della Disperazione", In Il Manifesto, 12th February

(2013) "Se le Brigate Armate dirigono anche il Traffico", In il Manifesto, 12th June

(2013) "Parigi non e' sempre Parigi, per i Salafiti", In Il Manifesto, 24th April

(2012) "Persecution of Sufis in Libya is a relic of Qaddafi's Stratagem", In The National, 5th December.

(2011) Da Tripoli a Benghasi il Rebus delle Tribu', vera incognita del dopo -Gheddafi, In Il Corriere della Sera, 22nd June.

(2011) Qaddafi's Corpse dispels the Illusions Conjured by his Rule, In The National, 24th October

Blog Entries

(2020) Salvini, il Virus e il Pensiero Magico, In Gli Stati Generali, 26th April

(2020) Attenti alle Serpi: In Quarantena, parlano spesso come Liberatori, In Gli Stati Generali, 20th April

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(2013) "Libia divisa: senza Gheddafi proliferano i Terroristi ? " (with Giuseppe Acconcia), In Linkiesta, 12th October 2013 www.linchiesta.com/milizie-armate-libia?device=desktop

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(2014) et al. Affective Politics in Transitional North Africa: Imagining the Future, Occasional Paper. Maria Frederika Malmstrom (Ed.) Maria Lindback (Rapporteur). Alexandria: The Nordic Africa Institute & Swedish Institute.

Touristic Guides

(2004) "Un Culto tra Polis e Chora: Il Santuario di Demetra e Kore a Wadi - Bel Gadir" In Laserpiciferae Cyrene - Viaggio nella Città del Silfio, 38, Pescara: Università Gabriele D'Annunzio.


(2019) A History of Circles, Animation (with David Burrows). In Morphologies of Invisible Agents, exhibition, Apr 26rd - May 18th, curator: Lucy A. Sames, Space Studios, London

(2019) Two Bodies, Drawings and Installation (with David Burrows). In Morphologies of Invisible Agents, exhibition, Apr 26rd - May 18th, curator: Lucy A. Sames, Space Studios, London

(2018) Anthropology: Dialogue with the Other, Cartoon, In ATS Grupo de investigação, Ambiente, Território e Sociedade do ICS-ULisb, 4th July  https://ambienteterritoriosociedade-ics.org/2018/07/04/agora-tens-de-escrever-um-paper-sobre-isto-producao-e-devolucao-etica-de-conhecimento-cientifico/#more-4612 

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