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Ashraf Hoque

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Email: a.hoque@ucl.ac.uk
Teaching Fellow
UCL Anthropology
Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences

Research Summary

I am a social anthropologist interested in migration and diaspora, the anthropology of Islam, and political anthropology. To date, I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork in England (Luton and Tower Hamlets) and Bangladesh (Sylhet).

In Luton, I worked with British-born Muslim men of South Asian origin, exploring their everyday lives in relation to family and community dynamics, approaches to work and leisure, and being Muslim in post-7/7 Britain.

My most recent research in Tower Hamlets and Sylhet focuses on transnational political formations, exploring political modalities situated in different cultural contexts that borrow from each other to create distinct forms of localised democratic engagement.

Academic Background

BA History, SOAS (2003)
MA Social Anthropology, SOAS (2005)
PhD, SOAS (2011)



Journal articles

  • (2018) with Lucia Michelutti. ‘Brushing with Organized Crime and Democracy: the Art of Making Do in South Asia’. The Journal of Asian Studies, 77(3): 911-1011.
  • (2015) ‘Muslim men in Luton, UK: Eat First, Talk Later’. South Asia Research. Vol. 35(1): 1-22

Blogs and short articles



  • ANTH0003/4/5 Introduction to Social Anthropology
  • ANTH0015 Being Human
  • ANTH0048 (UG) Anthropology of Islam


  • ANTH0127 Theory, Ethnography and Professional Practice
  • ANTH0048 (PG) The Anthropology of Islam in Diaspora

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