UCL Anthropology


Inaugural Conference: Anthropological Visions of Sustainable Futures

16 January 2015


The inaugural CAOS (Centre for the Anthropology of Sustainability) conference will be held at UCL between 12th to14th February 2015.

Registration is now open!

Keynote address and 2015 Daryll Forde Lecture:
Prof. Bruno Latour (Sciences Po, Paris)
12th February 2015, 6pm

Closing event: Gaia: Global Circus, at the Bloomsbury Theatre
14th February, 7.30pm

What distinctive critical approach can anthropology bring to the sustainability paradigm?

What could an anthropological agenda for sustainability look like?

Confirmed participants include: Bill Adams, Mauro Almeida, Laura Bear, Manuela Carneiro da Cunha, Arturo Escobar, James Fairhead, Caroline Garaway, Keith Hart, Kirsten Hastrup, Katherine Homewood, Alf Hornborg, Signe Howell, Caroline Humphrey, Bruno Latour, Melissa Leach, Henrietta Moore, Laura Rival, Veronica Strang, Anna Tsing


Marc Brightman, m.brightman@ucl.ac.uk, Jerome Lewis, jerome.lewis@ucl.ac.uk


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