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Museum of Curiosity (BBC Radio 4) with Volker Sommer

7 October 2013

Museum of Curiosity

Palmer, Sommer, O'Neill (Series 6 Episode 2, 30 minutes)


  • Monday 07 October 2013, 18:30 BBC Radio 4
  • Sunday 13 October 2013, 12:00 BBC Radio 4

The Professor of Ignorance John Lloyd (who produced Blackadder, created QI and wrote The Meaning Of Liff with Douglas Adams) and his curator Humphrey Ker welcome the crowd-sourcing rock star Amanda Fucking Palmer, evolutionary anthropologist Professor Volker Sommer and occult comedian Andrew O'Neill to discuss steam punk, cross-dressing, rock, sex, death, religion, humans and other great apes.

The idea of the show is to bring together the most interesting people we can find and ask them to submit one item each to fill the Museum's empty plinths. We always have three guests for each half hour episode, which we record in front of a live audience.

We hope you appreciate that it's not quite like most comedy panel shows. We don't have rounds, there are no teams and there are no points, winners or losers. We want to celebrate the guests we invite on and the things they have to tell us. The aim is to generate a great discussion, full of wit and interesting observations.

The show was researched by James Harkin and Stevyn Colgan of QI. The producers were Richard Turner (Twitter @Senexiracundus) and Dan Schreiber (Twitter @Schreiberland).